A restaurant owner in Perry, Utah, has been charged with various counts of object rape, forcible sexual abuse, aggravated assault and sexual battery.

According to KSL News, the owner of the Rusted Spoon restaurant, Dustin B. Rallison of Roy, UT, was alleged to have “sexually and physically assaulted multiple employees” and assaulted them to the point they almost passed out. The charges state that he inappropriately touched at least four women without their permission to satisfy his own desires. These incidents are said to have happened starting back in April 2017.

The statute criminalizing object rape is found HERE.

The statute criminalizing forcible sexual abuse is found HERE.

The statute criminalizing sexual battery is found HERE.

Possible Sexual Harassment Claim

The incidents alleged may also constitute sexual harassment. In Utah, sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and a claim may be available under Utah law if the workplace has 15 or more employees. Generally speaking, sexual harassment claims should be made within 180 days to the Utah Labor Commission or no more than 300 days to the EEOC, from the date of the most recent sexual assault.

In addition, a civil claim directly against the perpetrator may be an option for victims of sexual assault. Such assaults would be considered a “personal injury” for which money damages may be available.

I applaud the victims of these alleged crimes for coming forward and reporting the alleged perpetrator’s actions to the local authorities. As sexual assault typically leaves its victims with lasting emotional scars and trauma, I would encourage them to seek out appropriate mental health counseling and other like resources.

Ron Kramer is a sexual harassment and assault attorney practicing in West Jordan and throughout Utah.

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