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Bicycle Accidents

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident in Utah? At Kramer Law Group, we know how difficult it is to put your life back together after an accident, while fighting for the compensation and justice you deserve. That’s why we offer a legal review of your case and advice on how to move forward for FREE.

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Utah Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle accident cases come with their own specific needs and approaches. That’s why some random lawyer off the street will just not do for your case. You need a personal injury attorney who has a well-established track record winning bicycle accident injury cases—like the attorneys at Kramer Law Group. For decades, we’ve been fighting for victims like you and getting them the compensation they deserve, even against large corporations.

Personal Injury Protection Help

While you’re recovering from injuries sustained in your bicycle accident, we know that it can become difficult or even impossible to keep your home clean and maintained. So the helpful staff at Kramer Law Group help you complete and submit the paperwork to receive Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which provides $600 per month* to cover household services, like having a family member clean your house while you recover from your injuries. It’s just one way that we go the extra mile to support you during this tough time, while we are fighting to get you the justice, closure, and compensation you deserve under the law.

*separate from your settlement payout

No Money Up Front

If you’ve been the victim of a bicycle accident, the last thing you should be stressing about how to afford a lawyer. For this reason, the personal injury attorneys at Kramer Law Group will never ask you to pay any money up front for our services. Instead, we focus first on helping you receive the full justice, closure, and compensation you are due under the law. Only then will we receive payment based on a percentage of your total compensation.

bicycle accident personal injury attorney utah kramer law group

Monthly Updates on Your Case

With Kramer Law Group, you always know what is happening with your case at any given time. Our incredible team of paralegals call you monthly to provide regular updates on your case. If needed, they can also offer updates biweekly. The result: you can rest easy knowing that you are fully informed on your case and that Kramer Law Group has you covered.

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bicycle accident personal injury attorney utah kramer law group

What Makes Kramer Law Group Different From The Rest

Ron Kramer has assisted clients with their personal injury needs since he first began practicing law in 1997. As a personal accident attorney, Ron’s goal is to ensure that all clients receive exceptional personalized service and obtain a settlement that is favorable to them and not the insurance company.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience

With two decades of dedicated legal practice, Kramer Law Group has amassed a wealth of expertise and continues to stand by their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal services to their clients.


Kramer Law Group believes in being clear and open about everything happening in your bicycle accident case. Before making any decisions or taking steps, we always discuss the matter with you and move forward only after we get your approval. We want you to feel comfortable, informed, and involved every step of the way.

We Move Your Case Forward

Other law firms take months or even years to settle cases—and make life more difficult for their clients in the process. That’s why the personal injury attorneys at Kramer Law Group are dedicated to taking action fast for our clients. We are committed to moving your case forward efficiently, eliminating long delays, and getting things resolved as soon as possible, so you can move forward with your life.