Attorney Cassandra Gallegos

As a personal injury attorney, Cassandra is dedicated to providing legal support and advocacy for individuals who have suffered harm due to the negligence of others..

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Cassandra has a unique combination of interests and passions: she is a vegan, environmentalist, and a motorcycle rider. For the first few years of being an attorney, she worked in family and contract law dealing with issues of divorce, child custody and contract law. As it turns out, this experience in dealing with difficult adversaries provided a great foundation for dealing with a particularly difficult adversary in personal injury law: the insurance company.

In contrast to her advocacy for animal rights, Cassandra has developed a passion for motorcycles and loves the personal freedom, risk management, and the pursuit of individuality that comes with it. Since riding motorcycles requires heightened awareness, responsibility, and respect for others on the road, it turns out that these principles seamlessly align with her professional values as a personal injury attorney, where she strives to protect the rights and safety of her clients and the community at large.

The combination of her vegan lifestyle and love of motorcycles has profoundly influenced her approach to personal injury law. She firmly believes in the interconnectedness of all life and the responsibility we all have for the well-being of others, whether human or non-human. This perspective empowers her to advocate and fight for justice for those injured and assist others with navigating the legal process while sharing their stories and highlighting their unique circumstances. Cassandra loves fighting for and supporting her clients.