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Wrongful Death

Kramer Law Group is here to help if you’ve experienced Wrongful Death. Knowing how difficult life can be after, our personal injury attorneys go above and beyond to alleviate your burdens and provide the legal support to get you the justice, closure, and compensation you deserve. Call us or schedule a chat online to discuss your case today and learn what your legal options are at no cost.

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wrongful death personal injury attorney utah kramer law group

Wrongful Death Lawyer

At Kramer Law Group in Utah, we understand that losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, and we want to express our deepest condolences for your loss. If you’re facing the devastating situation of wrongful death, our compassionate, experienced team of personal injury attorneys and dedicated paralegals is here to guide you with empathy and understanding through the legal process. While we know that no amount of legal action can replace the void left by the loss of a family member, seeking justice is an important step in holding those responsible accountable.

No Money Up Front

In the wake of a wrongful death, the last thing you want to worry about is how to pay a lawyer to take your case. That’s why Kramer Law Group never asks clients to pay any money up front. Rather, our personal injury attorneys get to work building your case and planning how to get you to the justice, closure, and compensation you deserve. Bottom line: you won’t pay us a cent until your case is successfully resolved.

wrongful death personal injury attorney utah kramer law group

Monthly Updates on Your Case

The helpful paralegals at Kramer Law Group call you regularly to provide updates on your wrongful death case—even every two weeks, if needed. Why? Because we know that, with everything you have to worry about, you will rest easier when you know what’s happening with your case and what’s next. It’s just one more way Kramer Law keeps you informed and supported throughout your legal journey.

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wrongful death personal injury attorney utah kramer law group

What Makes Kramer Law Group Different From The Rest

Ron Kramer has assisted clients with their personal injury needs since he first began practicing law in 1997. As long-time personal injury attorney, Ron’s goal is to ensure that all clients receive exceptional personalized service and obtain a settlement that is favorable to them and not the insurance company.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience

With two decades of dedicated legal practice, Kramer Law Group has amassed a wealth of expertise, standing as a testament to their 20 years of unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal services.


Kramer Law Group believes in being really honest and clear with clients dealing with wrongful death cases. They want to make sure you know everything about your case, so they’re transparent in their communication. Before making any decisions or taking steps, they always ask for your approval. It’s like teamwork – they want you to be part of the decisions about your case. This way, there are no secrets, and you know exactly what’s happening. Kramer Law Group can’t do anything until they have your say-so, making sure you’re in control of your wrongful death case. They want you to feel comfortable and well-informed, so they keep you involved every step of the way.

We Don’t Sit On Your Case.

Kramer Law Group is different when it comes to wrongful death cases. They don’t just sit around and wait; they take action fast. Unlike some other law firms that can take a really long time to settle cases, Kramer Law Group works quickly. They know that time is important, and they don’t want you to wait for years to get things sorted out. They’re committed to moving your case forward efficiently, so you don’t have to deal with long delays. With Kramer Law Group, you can trust that they’re working hard to get things resolved as soon as possible, showing that they understand the urgency and sensitivity of wrongful death cases.