Young Child Struck by SUV Critical After Price, Utah Accident

Price, Utah. A 6-year-old girl was hit by an SUV on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 near Price, Utah on State Route 10. KSL News reported that the girl received critical injuries when she ran into the road right in front of the 2011 Ford Explorer. The girl was transported by life flight to the Primary Children’s Medical Center. The driver of the Explorer was a 47-year-old woman. The woman was not suspected to be impaired or distracted.

I offer my best wishes for a fast recovery for this little girl.

In a case like this, it can be difficult to know who is at fault. It may be that the driver could have been more alert, especially if there were houses close by. As a motorist, you should always be cautious in residential areas. It may be that she got away from her parents. It’s really hard to say from the facts of this case. I would recommend that the parents contact Utah injury attorney to investigate what remedies may be available.

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