Yes, We Are Still Working on Your Case!

We have spoken with a number of nervous clients who are wondering if we are still working on their case as the COVID-19 virus continues its frightening spread. The answer is an unequivocal YES! We are continuing to work on your case here at the Kramer Law Group, sometimes even late into the night. Yawn! And we’re continuing to meet with new and existing clients, like the ones we met with earlier today, while still exercising appropriate social distancing.


A part of our staff is now working remotely from home and can receive and make phone calls remotely. And we are using video conferencing to virtually meet multiple times a week to discuss how to continue moving the work flow along given the spreading shutdowns we hear about.

One of our challenges is interfacing with insurance companies and defense attorneys, as many of these folks are now working from home and have limited access to decision makers that help them move things forward on our cases. For example, we’re seeing a delay in receiving counter-offers to demands that we’ve made. Also, we have seen a slow down in checks being mailed out. In addition, we are seeing upcoming settlement conferences being cancelled because of the new social distancing measures put in place to contain the spread of this virus.

Along with slowdowns on the insurance side of things, we are seeing slowdowns or closures with the court system. For example, the federal and state district courts have now issued orders that have suspended most civil hearings and trials until further notice.

While this will unfortunately delay justice for these clients, it is for the greater good if these delays can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

So while we will continue to face threats to our health and well being, the wheels of justice will continue to turn. Just maybe now a little slower than before.