Woman Hit and Injured in Cedar City Pedestrian Accident

A Cedar City woman remains in serious condition after being hit by a car nearly a week ago. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the 41-year-old woman was chasing her dog when she ran across State Route 56 near 4200 West on October 30, 2009. A man driving a 1996 Ford Explorer hit her and threw her 40 feet.

A police officer was nearby and stopped to help the woman who was later flown to Intermountain Medical Center with internal injuries. The driver told police he tried to swerve to avoid the woman and her dog but was not able to avoid them in time. No citations were given in this Cedar City pedestrian accident.

It is not clear from the news story whether the driver that hit the woman was driving negligently. We know that no citations were issued. Yet their remains the issue of what the driver was able to see just before the crash happened. This woman may wish to consult with an accident and injury lawyer to see what her potential remedies may be based on the facts of this case.

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