West Valley Fatal Accident Closes Bangerter Highway

A man, Francisco Garcia, 18 years-old, is dead following a high-speed motor vehicle accident happening in West Valley, Utah. According to KSL News, a man driving a mini-van early on September 22, 2012, northbound on Bangerter Highway ran a red light at the overpass at U201. Another motorist, Francisco Garcia, was traveling south on a green light and was struck by the mini-van driver. The collision was significant and Garcia died as a result of his injuries. Other passengers suffered injuries, ranging from minor to significant. Another motorist was also involved in the collision, but they are said to be uninjured. Bangerter Highway was shut down while emergency crews and police personnel were on the scene.

I send my deep condolences to the family of Francisco Garcia and to those who were injured in this needless auto accident.

Utah Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claim

Legally speaking, motorists are required to stop at traffic signals. Running a red light in this instance was, in my opinion, reckless. We see in this case the tragic results that can happen to innocent drivers and passengers where motorists drive recklessly. All those injured, and the family of Francisco Garcia, have a claim against the at-fault driver. The wrongful death claim must be brought within 2 years and the injury claims must be brought within 4 years. I suspect in this case that there will be insufficient insurance coverage on the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. There is likely additional coverage on the under-insured insurance policies for the individual victims of this crash.

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