West Valley City Woman Dead Following Canyon Accident

Christa Pearce, 37 years old of West Valley City, Utah, is dead after her car veered off a cliff in East Canyon on August 29, 2010. According to KSL News, police say she had been in an argument with her husband and was “cooling off” by taking a drive on the winding East Canyon road. Dear hunters found her body around 5:30 a.m. and notified the police. Her body had been ejected from the car and was about 300 feet above where her car had rested. Police say that there was no evidence drugs or alcohol was involved and that there were no skid marks found where the car went off the road.

I offer my deep condolences to the husband and family of Christa Pearce as they deal with this tragic death.

As a Utah personal injury lawyer, I am interested in the cause of car accidents I read about. Many are caused by inattention and distraction. I’m not sure if that is what happened here. Maybe she was just going too fast to take the turn. Maybe she was drowsy. Whatever the reason, she sadly failed to control her car and she paid the ultimate price.

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