West Valley Bulldozer Accident Victim Continues to Struggle

Despite the serious injuries received from a bulldozer accident on Monday, January 30, 2012, Mark Dean is still putting up a remarkable fight for his life. The Salt Lake Tribune reported on his condition Tuesday, January 31, 2012. It is amazing that despite his most serious injuries that he is still alive. The Salt Lake Tribune explains the tragic event stating that Dean had driven on the gravel pit’s edge in West Valley City, Utah at 6800 West and 5400 South, when his vehicle began to tip over the 40-foot grade. While the bulldozer was rolling, Dean was ejected and was pinned down by the heavy machine. It wasn’t until firefighters came to his rescue that he was able to escape the traumatic scene. Out of respect for his family’s request, the specific information on his injuries is being withheld.

Workplace injuries that were caused by a worker’s negligence or that of a co-worker are typically handled through the Utah Workers Compensation Fund. If a third party, i.e., someone besides the employee or co-worker contributed to the injury, then there very well could be a claim against them. The family of this man would be well advised to speak with a Utah accident attorney to find out what options might be available to them.

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