West Valley Accident Takes Man’s Life

Jeffrey Donnelson, 28 years old, passed away following a violent auto accident in West Valley City, Utah, on March 7, 2011. According to KSL News, a 60-something male was driving a full-size pickup truck north on U-111 around 6:15 p.m. yesterday. The weather was snowy and the roads were said to be slushy. As the man approached a smaller vehicle driven by Jeffrey Donnelson, the pickup, for some reason, swerved into Donnelson’s lane of travel and struck his smaller vehicle head-on. The results of the impact was fatal, causing Donnelson’s death and seriously injuring his passenger, Leah Donnelson. Police are still investigating this crash and no charges have been filed at this time.

I send my deep condolences to the family of Jeffrey Donnelson for his tragic, unnecessary death and wish his passenger a full and complete recovery.

Police say that weather conditions may have played a part in this crash. The reality is, though, that drivers are expected to adapt their driving to conform to current weather and/or road conditions. If the pickup truck driver lost control, I suspect that he was traveling too fast for conditions and/or was distracted by something at the point his truck was headed into the opposing lane of travel.

I consider this to be a Utah wrongful death claim. This type of legal action is governed by Utah Code section 78B-3-106. This provision states that the people who can make a claim would be the parents, spouse and/or children of the deceased. The claim has to be filed or resolved with the insurance company within two years of the accident occuring.

I would recommend that the family of Mr. Donnelson contact an experienced Utah wrongful death attorney to find out what remedies may be available in this case.

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