West Jordan TRAX Accident Kills Teenage Girl

With the UTA TRAX growing throughout the Wasatch front, Utahans need to be more cautious than ever before. Shariah Casper, a 15 year old girl from West Jordan, passed away after being hit by a train near 3200 West and 8600 South.

As KSL reports, Casper, along with a friend climbed past the safety arms and warning lights after the first train passed, unaware of the second train passing in the opposite direction, just seconds after the first. The friend was able to avoid the second train. Casper, tragically was not.

Although the incident is still under investigation, it isn’t likely this situation was caused from an equipment malfunction. These trains can travel up to 65 mph, and is much harder to stop than people would like to assume. The safest bet, is to always obey the gates and lights, regardless if there seems to be merit in them. “Once those gates come down,” Gerry Carpenter, UTA spokesman warn, “there really isn’t time to cross.”

Our condolences go out to her family for having to go through such a devastating tragedy. Hopefully an accident like this can be prevented in the future by staying alert and following the rules with the growing TRAX system.

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