West Jordan Car Accident Takes Teen’s Life

West Jordan, Utah police have released the name of Jaxen Henderson, 17 years old, as the recent victim in an auto accident occurring on October 17, 2011. According to KSL News, this sad accident happened on New Bingham Highway in West Jordan, Utah, as the teen pulled out onto the highway from 5150 West. Police think she simply didn’t see the pickup truck as it sped down the road, leading to her vehicle being broad-sided by the truck. Police say that the truck driver had no time to react. The driver and passenger of that truck were treated for minor injuries.

I offer my deep condolences to the family of Jaxen Henderson as they struggle through the aftermath of this tragedy. I also feel for the driver of the pickup truck who certainly would never want to be involved in a situation like this.

Everyday when we drive on Utah roads, we rely on other motorists to look where they’re going. At any moment though, as we have seen in this case, a violation of a simple traffic rule can have fatal consequences.

Ron Kramer is a personal injury lawyer practicing in West Jordan, Salt Lake, Ogden, Bountiful and Orem.