West Jordan Accident Caused by Cell Phone Use Seriously Injures Man

A 29 year-old man is said to be in extremely critical condition following an accident occurring on August 1, 2010 at the intersection of 7800 South and 4800 West in West Jordan, Utah. According to KSL News, a 17-year-old girl was driving while talking on her cell phone to her father around 10:30 Sunday evening. They happened to be discussing why the girl had not already returned home that evening. Apparently, this phone call was enough of a distraction that she ran a red light and struck this man’s car, with his 4-year old daughter and 2-year old son in the back seat, breaking the arm of his daughter.

I send my condolences and prayers to this injured man in his critical time of need. His injuries sound very serious, as if the girls car hit him right on the driver’s door where he was sitting. I also send my sympathies to this young woman who caused this crash to happen, as I’m sure she is in anguish over the harm her actions have caused.

There is some talk in the story about what charges may be filed in this case. I can suggest two of them.

First, running a red light.

Second, a charge of Careless Driving under Utah Code 41-6a-1715(1)(b)(i) which states: “A person operating a motor vehicle is guilty of careless driving if the person . . . (b) commits a moving traffic violation . . . while being distracted by one or more activities taking place within the vehicle that are not related to the operation of a motor vehicle, including: (i) using a wireless telephone or other electronic device . . . .”

Legally speaking, the man in this story certainly has a claim against this teenager for his injuries. His two children also have claims that can be made. I would recommend that the family of this man contact an experienced Utah personal injury attorney to discuss the remedies that exist in this situation.

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