Vernal Man Dead After Truck Goes Off Cliff

Jason Ray Lindsey, 27 years old of Vernal, Utah, is dead following a single-car accident on November 5, 2010. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, this auto accident occurred when Jason Lindsey was driving his 1997 Chevy ¾ ton pickup south on Brush Creek Road near Jensen around midnight. According to reports, Lindsey lost control of the truck and hit a rock, which impact caused the truck to go over a cliff some 30 feet, landing upside down in a creek. Miraculously, Lindsey’s passenger, Gail Atwood, 37 years old, was able to get out the window and crawl back up to the road. From there, she walked a mile to a farmhouse and had the resident call 911. She was transported by ambulance to Ashley Regional Medical Center with broken bones and was treated and released. Police believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

I send my condolences to the family of Jason Lindsey for their loss. Regardless of whether someone was drinking or not, any life lost needlessly is sad and tragic. If the intoxication led to this car crash, I would certainly advise others to take a lesson from this case and to never drive while intoxicated.

Legally speaking, the passenger of the truck has a claim against the estate of the deceased for injuries she experienced and may yet discover in the future. She has a claim against the insurance company of Mr. Lindsey and if she has her own insurance, may make an “under-insured” motorist claim against her own policy. I would recommend that the passenger contact an experienced Utah injury and accident lawyer to determine the full range of remedies that may be available.

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