Utah Tractor Trailer Accident Implicates Possible Driver Distraction

A tractor trailer driver hauling frozen food westbound on I-84, swerved off the road at 8:30 this morning, causing one lane of traffic to close a few miles from the Snowville, Utah, Interchange.

According to the Utah Highway patrol, the driver of the semi-truck drifted off the right side of the road for some unknown reason and then over-corrected, causing his truck to roll on its side. The highway was down to one lane during the cleanup. There was no word whether the driver was injured in the crash.

Distracted Driving or Fatigue?

This tractor trailer crash makes me wonder whether the driver was rested enough or perhaps was driving while distracted. This crash happened relatively early in the morning and is described as the driver “drifting” off to the right. This might mean that the driver had nodded off and then suddenly awoke, taking sharp, evasive action.

Distracted driving could also explain what happened. I know from experience, that as drivers, we can drift out of our lane if we get distracted. The simple truth is that this crash would not have happened if the truck driver were following the safety rules that require drivers to drive alert and avoid distraction. Thankfully, no other person, other than possible the driver, was injured in the wreck.

Ron Kramer is a Utah tractor trailer attorney with a Commercial Driver’s License, handling cases throughout the state of Utah.