Utah Teen Injured in Farmington After Being Hit in a UTA Train Accident

A teenage girl was hit by a train while trying to cross the tracks to catch her train. The train accident happened at the Farmington, Utah station on 450 N. and 580 West on Friday, July 11, 2009.

The KSL News reports the teenage girl may have been distracted when she attempted to cross the tracks in an unsafe area. UTA spokesman, Brandon Bott says the train the teen was attempting to catch was heading north and pulled up to the station, but as she attempted to cross the tracks she was hit by another train going south.

The victim suffered severe head injuries and was transported to Intermountain Medical Center. The hospital confirms she is being treated in the ICU and remains in critical condition.

UTA says they work diligently to keep the railways safe and they remind passengers to be cautious and safe when entering and exiting a train.

Being hit by a train is obviously very serious. My best wishes to this young woman as she begins what will likely be a long journey toward recovery, or something that is as close as she can get given her serious head injuries.

One thing that concerns me in this story is the spin that UTA tries to add. They have done this in other UTA-related accidents, including a case against UTA that I am currently involved in, where they will feed a sound bite or two to the press to try and throw cold water on any thoughts the injured victim may have at making a claim against UTA. Here, in this story, they are claiming that the victim was “distracted” and was crossing in an “unsafe” area. This may actually be the case, but I find it troubling that they are basically disseminating their obviously one-sided view on the Utah citizenry without the benefit of an independent investigation.

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