Utah Postal Workers see an Increase in Dog Bites

The U.S. Postal Service is reporting an increase in dog attacks on mail carriers all throughout Utah. A total of 41 mail carriers were bit last year, including one attack where the mailman said he feared for his life. A pitbull attacked Mr. Frye last year in a neighborhood in Cottonwood Heights. According to a report by KSL news, the dog came out of nowhere and knocked Mr. Frye to the ground, he didn’t have a chance to grab his pepper spray. Fortunately, Mr. Frye’s supervisor, Karl Lopez, was on the route with him that day and was able to get the dog off. This marked Frye’s third time being bit by a dog in his 15 years working at the USPS.


Video Courtesy of KSL.com.

The postal service is not sure why attacks have increased but they say many of the 41 attacks could have been prevented. They offer these tips:

  • Obedience training can teach dogs’ proper behavior and help owners control their dogs.
  • When a carrier comes to your home, keep your dog inside, away from the door in another room.
  • Don’t let your child take mail from the letter carrier in the presence of your dog. Your dog’s instinct is to protect the family.
  • Spay or neuter your dog. Neutered dogs are less likely to bite. Humane Society statistics show that dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are up to three times more likely to bite.
  • Dogs that receive little attention or handling, or are left tied up for long periods of time frequently turn into biters.

It Utah, dog owners are strictly liable for the injuries caused by their dog – it doesn’t matter if the bite is the dogs first offense. The problem with many dog bites is not the physical wound but the infection the may set in days after the bite. The dog bite clients I have represented often spend thousands of dollars going to a wound care facility to treat the infection.

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