Utah Man Dies in Crash on Icy Road

A Utah man has passed away after losing control of his vehicle on an icy road and plunging into the Colorado River. The accident happened on Monday, December 14, 2009. According to KSL news and the Utah Highway Patrol, 47-year-old Edward W. Fischer of Moab, Utah was heading westbound on state Route 128 when his truck hit a patch of ice. He then went off the road and rolled down a 50-foot embankment into the river below. He was taken to Allen Memorial Hospital in Moab, Utah where he died just a short time after arriving.

According to the comments on this story, this sounds like a treacherous stretch of road in the winter time. The family may want to investigate whether the road was unreasonably unsafe during the winter months and was not adequately built with guard rails and the like to keep this type of accident from happening. I would recommend that the family contact a Utah injury lawyer to look into what remedies may be available due to a possible defect in the road.

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