Utah Brain Injury Law Passes Senate

The Utah legislative senate approved a bill that will require all athletes playing organized sports who receive a brain or head injury to get medical clearance before they can return to play. This bill, sponsored by Sen. John Valentine, would require that all amateur sports organizations of any variety – both public and private – adopt policies that will ensure that athletes who receive head concussions and head injuries be suspended from play pending a head injury or concussion medical work up. This bill now moves to the House for final consideration. The bill now moves to the House for final consideration.

I was glad to hear about this bill. I think the bill acknowledges that many athletes suffer irreversible brain damage when they are put back into the came right after receiving a head injury. When the brain has not healed and is again subject to trauma, the results can be much worse than if there is a period of recovery and healing that separates the two events. I hope that the House recognizes this and passes this bill.

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