Utah Bill Concerning Teenage Drivers and Cell Phones Pending

A bill which would prohibit teenagers from cell phone use passed in a Utah Senate vote on Monday February 6, 2012. KSL News reports on the bill that would prohibit teens from talking on any phone device while driving, unless there is an emergency or the teenager is speaking with a parent. Teenagers who receive a license are already restricted with supervision and nighttime driving rules. They should keep their focus on driving and learning how to operate a vehicle. 2011 statistics show that half of all high school students talk on their cell phone while driving. Also, those between the ages of 15 and 19 had the highest rate of crashes injuries and property damage out of all age groups, 17 percent of which happened while they were using a cell phone. The bill, sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero, was passed in the second Senate reading at a vote of 19 to 9. In order for the bill to reach the governor, the bill must pass the House.

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