Utah Auto Accident Caused by Street Racing

Four airmen from Hill Air Force Base were involved in a street-racing accident that caused a Utah rollover on Saturday, September 26, 2009 in Bountiful, Utah. The accident left one man with critical head injuries. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, two cars were racing on Interstate 15 north near 500 West when a white Mazda lost control. The Mazda hit a Dodge pickup on the freeway at about 4:50 pm. The collision caused the Mazda to roll and the vehicle slid and came to a stop upside down, several hundred yards north of the initial collision.

The driver of the Mazda has been identified as 18-year-old, Maurice Brown. He suffered severe head injuries and was flown to University Hospital. 20-year-old passenger, Matthew Godfrey, was also taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Police were able to apprehend the silver Subaru Impreza that was involved in the street race. Fortunately, the driver of the Dodge pickup was not seriously injured.

Utah Street Racing Law

Street racing presents many dangers to the parties involved. In addittion to it being an extreme risk to the driver and passengers of the vehicle, it is an extreme danger to other vehicles on the road. Many young people street race for the thrill, fame, adrenaline rush or sometimes the money that accompanies a win. Participants of illegal street races may not comprehend the consequences of their actions. They can cause injury and death, be arrested, receive substantial fines, license suspension and sometimes jail time.

According to Utah law, participants of street racing may be cited for reckless driving and pay a fine of $750 (Sec. 76-3-301). Guilty parties are also subject to jail time.

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