Utah Accident Book Provides Guidance on Changing Attorneys

This is always a controversial subject among Utah personal injury attorneys, but I have taken it head on in the recent book I wrote called The Utah Accident Book.

If you have an attorney, you need to be satisfied that they are doing a good job for you. If they are not, you are legally entitled to fire that attorney and find another one that will perform the work that will most benefit you in your case.

In the Utah Accident Book, I spend a chapter discussing how attorneys can hold you hostage with huge, inflated liens they impose on your case that make it almost impossible to fire your attorney and hire another one. This is so because any attorney looking at your case will be hesitant to take it on if the first attorney has a large lien that will come out of the second attorney’s attorney fee when the case resolves. This is especially prevalent when the case has been opened for a while and litigation has started.

I also discuss in the Utah Accident Book different ways to go about firing an attorney you are convinced will not be able to help you. Before you do this, I warn you to think very carefully about doing this. The fact is, it may be almost impossible to replace the first attorney because of attorney fee liens, the strength of the case, etc. You can’t just fire your attorney and expect that there will be an unlimited amount of attorneys that now want your case.

That is why it is important to get a “second opinion” as the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case and whether your first attorney has done a good – or even adequate – job. I have counseled “second opinion” clients I have met with on a number of occasions that it is best just to stay put.

The Utah Accident Book is the book to get if you have been in an accident in Utah. Along with helping you decide whether changing attorneys is in your best interest, I discuss the 13 mistakes you must avoid to do well on your accident case.

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