Two Women Killed While Walking to Bar’s Parking Lot

Two women, Andrea Fuguel, 37 years-old of Taylorsville and Erica Warneke, 35 years-old of West Jordan, lost their lives in a fatal accident while crossing Redwood Rd. around 2 in the morning on March 4, 2012. According to KSL News, the women had just left the Westerner Club, located at 3660 S. Redwood Rd. and were crossing the street to get to their car when they were hit by a truck going north. Police say the women were not in a crosswalk. The two women were taken by ambulance to area hospitals where they were pronounced dead. The 46-year-old driver of the truck that hit them is cooperating with investigators. Police say that alcohol was not a factor in this accident. Andrea Fuguel leaves behind a husband and 5 children.

I offer my sincere condolences to the families affected by this tragic accident.

As a Utah wrongful death attorney, I can’t but help to wonder about the parking arrangements that the Westerner had for its patrons, especially those who would drink and then walk across the street to their car (presumably with their designated driver). On the maps, it shows 3 lanes going each way with a center turning lane and no shoulder to speak of. I wonder if anyone else has been injured crossing the street this same way. It just doesn’t seem like the bar established a safe path for its patrons to return to their cars. I also wonder about the driver that hit these women, what he would have seen at the time and how bright this area was at night.

In terms of remedies, both families of these women should be qualified at a minimum to receive a $1,500 funeral benefit and a $3,000 survivor benefit from the insurance company of the truck driver. Depending on whether the driver contributed to this accident happening, there may also be a claim that could be made on the driver’s auto policy as well as a claim that may be available under the women’s own insurance policy. The families may wish to consult with a Utah injury attorney to find out what remedies may be available in these circumstances.

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