Two Semi-Truck in Wreck in Spanish Fork Canyon

A crash between two semi-trucks closed down US-6 in Spanish Fork Canyon Thursday, March 15, 2012. KSL News reported that the semi-trucks crashed into each other near mile marker 190 in the Red Narrows area of the canyon. Both of the drivers were sent to an area hospital. The major factor that made this wreck so dangerous was that one of the trucks was transporting several thousand gallons of fuel. Highway Patrol Troopers say that over 2,300 gallons of fuel has leaked out so far. A big worry was that a passing train could send out a spark that may ignite the leaked fuel. The other truck was carrying load mounted semi-truck tires which were scattered across the highway after the incident.

I wish to express my concern and hopes for a quick recovery to both of the drivers.

As a Utah semi truck accident lawyer, I would like to know what the cause of this serious accident was. Was there a distraction on the part of one of these “professional” drivers. It’s scary to think of what may have happened had the errant semi struck a mini-van with a family in it. Probably only another semi truck was built to withstand the impact from the at-fault semi truck driver.

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