Two Semi Rigs Roll in Accident Involving Books and Bread

Two semi rigs rolled over in a truck accident on Interstate 84 on April 6, 2011, near Henefer, Utah, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. According to the story, the driver of the first big rig, who was hauling books, had a “coughing fit” and temporarily “blacked out,” causing him to lose control over his semi and veer into the median, where his truck rolled, blocking both westbound lanes.

When the driver came to, he exited the truck and tried to wave down oncoming traffic, including the second semi rig, which was carrying bread. The second driver was unable to stop in time and went off the right shoulder, where the big rig rolled. Injuries were reported to be minor and the freeway was shutdown for four hours while the Utah Highway Patrol completed their investigation and the damaged trucks were hauled off.

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