Two Die in Fatal Crash in Utah’s Washington County

Shannon Taylor, 42, of Colorado and Juan Carlos Frayre, 32, of Utah County, are dead following a freak car accident in Washington County, Utah on December 19, 2010. According to KSL News, the driver of a semi truck, Shannon Taylor, had stopped when he noticed a Mitsubishi SUV off the side of the road that had only moments earlier, hydroplaned just north of the Zion exit and rolled into large boulders. The SUV was upside down at the point that Taylor arrived to offer assistance. This heroic man was then able to pull both occupants out of the SUV. This story then turns tragic.


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Just as Taylor had pulled the last person out, a motorist driving a Volkswagen Jetta hydroplaned, lost control, and tumbled with his car, striking all three of them. The impact killed the semi truck driver, Shannon Taylor as well as one of the passengers of the SUV, Juan Carlos Frayer, who died after being treated at a Las Vegas hospital. The other person in the SUV, a woman in her 20’s, was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries. The driver of the Volkswagen was not hurt, but his passenger received treatment for minor injuries.

What a terrible story to have to write about. I send my deepest condolences to all those who lost loved ones in this tragic accident as well as the driver of the Volkswagen, whom I’m sure is having a hard time for his role in this accident.

Despite the fact that it appeared to have been standing water on the highway that put into motion this tragic chain of events, it is likely that insurance claims can still be made regarding the fatalities/injuries from this crash. I would advise those affected to contact an experienced Utah injury lawyer to find out what remedies are available.

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