Truck Collides with Amtrak Train

ABC News 10 reported an Amtrak collision with a gravel dump truck on Friday, June 24th. According to their report, the accident happened at 11:25 am on US 95 approximately 70 miles east of Reno, NV. The Amtrak Train had traveled from Chicago through Salt Lake City, where it stopped and picked up passengers. The train was heading to Emeryville, California., according to the Amtrak spokeswoman in the ABC News 10 report. The Deseret News later reported that one of the passengers on the Amtrak train that had been killed in the crash was 34-year-old Cheuy Ong, of West Jordan, Utah.

The article in The Deseret News also stated that Alexandra Curtis of Evanston, Illinois, had filed a lawsuit in Washoe County District Court, alleging negligence in her injuries on the part of truck driver, who died in the crash, and his employer, John Davis Trucking Co. The investigation in regards to the collision is still ongoing.

While early reports indicated that this horrific collision only caused the loss of two lives, the death toll has risen to six. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victim’s families, friends and other loved ones during this time of loss. I hope those injured in this incident to have a speedy recovery. If early reports of the crossing gates and warning lights are true, then this horrific collision could have been easily avoided. Yet, the negligence of the dump truck driver by ignoring those warning lights and crossing gates caused not only a tremendous loss of life, but a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering for families across the nation.

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