Tragic Utah Car Accident Claims Six Lives

A tragic crash in Magna, Utah on Saturday, July 18, 2009 claimed the lives of 6 Utah residents, including 4 children. The crash occurred on State Road 201 at around 1 in the morning. A driver of a Dodge Stratus was headed south on State Road 202 and pulled into the intersection to make a left onto SR-201. The car was T-boned by a Mercury Sable.

Sgt. Jeff Nigbur of the Utah Department of Public Safety told the KSL news, ” Whether the vehicle coming from 202 turned out in front of the other vehicle or what happened – we don’t know, and that’s something we’re trying to get to the bottom of.”

State Troopers have identified the six victims as Veronica Martinez, 35, Ricardo Ramirez, 29, Mercedes Martinez, 15, Veronica Ramirez, 6, Isabel Ramirez, 5, and Megan Foote, 15. The only survivor of this party was 4-year-old Ricardo Ramirez who was seated on the passenger seat floor beneath the dashboard. He was life-flighted to Primary Childrens Medical Center.

The impact of the high speed crash immediately knocked the Dodge Stratus into the two left hand lanes. The Sable ended up in the center of the road. Two young women were thrown from the Stratus and died at the scene. Two adults and another young teenager were also pronounced dead at the scene. The final fatality was a young teenager who died en route to the hospital.


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The father and son in Mercury Sable were also taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

This is obviously an extremely tragic accident. The problem certainly was compounded by the amount of people traveling in the Dodge Stratus. I offer my sincere condolences to the families of all the victims.

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