Tooele Man Loses Life in Rollover Accident

18-year-old Trenton W. Crawford of Tooele, Utah passed away from injuries received in a rollover accident Friday evening, January 27, 2012,  at 10 p.m. According to ABC News, Crawford was heading north on State Road 36 close to milepost 35 when the accident occurred. According to reports, Crawford was having a diabetic reaction and had reached down, evidently, to grab a drink or a snack and drifted to the right of the road. He then lost control of the vehicle and after over correcting, ended up rolling the vehicle and sending it through several lanes to the west side of the road. Unfortunately, Crawford and a female passenger, 18 year old Cassandra Quaid of Pine canyon, were not wearing seatbelts. Quaid was ejected from the vehicle and was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Fortunately, the third passenger, 20 year old Darrin P. Yadon of Tooele only received minor injuries and was not ejected from the vehicle.

I send my deep condolences to the family of Trenton Crawford for their tragic loss. I also send my best wishes to Mr. Crawford’s passengers for the best possible recovery.

This is a sad story. It seems that there are far too many fatal and serious accidents along this stretch of road. I’m not sure what the answer is to fix this. From the story, however, this crash should not have happened if the driver was taking appropriate precautions. Some of these precautions may have included making sure that blood sugar levels were at safe levels before getting in the car.

It appears that those injured in this crash have a claim against the insurance company that the driver may have had on the car. They also likely could have a claim against their own insurance company or their parent’s insurance company if they live at home. I would recommend that they contact a Utah accident attorney to find out what remedies may be available in their situation.

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