Three People Hurt in a Salt Lake City Car Accident

A man traveling south on 1300 West in a Honda Civic ran through a stop sign at 600 North and collided with a van. The driver of the Civic and a 14-year-old girl passenger were taken to the hospital Saturday, May, 23 and are in critical condition reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Salt Lake City police say the Civic hit the van that was westbound on 600 North at about 7pm and the impact from the crash caused the van to flip. The Civic ended up in a yard across from the accident. Witnesses estimate the car was traveling 60 to 70 mph at impact. The van driver was taken to Salt Lake Regional Hospital.

Police have yet to determine whether drugs or alcohol may have been a factor. I wish all parties involved a speedy recovery.

Obviously, the driver of the Civic violated one of the most basic of traffic laws: the duty to stop for a stop sign. As such, he is responsible to all who were injured in this Salt Lake City car accident, both the passenger in his car as well as those in the van.

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