Texas Teen Loses Life in Moab Car Crash

A 15 year-old Texas teenager from San Angelo lost her life following a crash between two cars just outside the entrance to Arches National Park on Saturday, May 14, 2016.


According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the crash happened when a driver of a 2012 Jeep CJ failed to see oncoming traffic and made a left-hand turn onto southbound State Road 191, pulling right in front of a 2013 Toyota Rav4 which was heading north. The force of the crash caused the Jeep to roll and the Rav4 to spin out. A teenage female passenger in the Rav4 was taken to Regional Medical Center in Colorado where she was later pronounced dead. According to reports, the teenager was wearing her seatbelt incorrectly. The other three in the car who were reported to have been wearing their seatbelts correctly only suffered minor injuries.

I send my condolences to the victims of this tragic crash that could have been so easily prevented had the driver of the Jeep just maintained a proper lookout and had seen what was there to be seen. The sad reality is that when you are negligent and cause a crash such as this, you cannot choose the fate of what happens to your victims. Some may go unscathed or suffer only minor injuries. Yet others – who may have been impacted more directly or who may have not been properly restrained – will suffer the maximum harm of losing their life.

Legally speaking, the parents of the young teenager have a “wrongful death” claim against the driver of the Jeep and/or its owner if the driver is less than 18 years-old. As the value of the claim will likely exceed apparent insurance limits, an under-insured claim should also be made on the policy covering the Toyot