Teenager Loses Life in Tooele County Rollover

Nineteen-year old Tasia R. Hymas lost her life this past weekend, on February 19, 2012, in Erda, Tooele County, when the car she was traveling in rolled several times after hitting black ice, ejecting her. According to Deseret News, the driver was said to be driving too fast for conditions when he or she hit the black ice. Three other female passengers in the car, ages 16 to 19, suffered minor injuries as a result of the roll over. Tasia Hymas, who was a passenger in the back seat (and who probably was unrestrained) was ejected out of the vehicle.

I send my condolences to the family of Ms. Hymas for their sad and tragic loss.

As a Utah wrongful death attorney, I can say that most likely the family has a claim against the driver of the car for what police described as traveling too fast for winter conditions. This would be an insurance claim that can be made informally against the driver’s insurance. Whatever policy limits the driver may have should be paid over. Additional insurance is available through Ms. Hymas or her family’s “under-insured” vehicle coverage. Additionally, “PIP” benefits, including a funeral and survivor benefit would also be available under the circumstances.

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