Teen Charged as an Adult in Fatal Ogden Car Crash

17-year-old Mark Mora was charged as an adult for his role in a police chase that claimed the life of two other young men on April 22 in Ogden. Weber County prosecutors charged Mora with two counts of automobile homicide for the deaths of Derek Jesper, 18 and Blake Strebel, 19. Additionally, Mark was charged with; failure to respond to an officer’s signal to stop, driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, and a license plate violation.

According to KSL news, on April 22 officers tried to pull over Mora for suspicion of a burglary that happened earlier that day. Mora refused to pull over and lead police on a short chase that ended tragically when Mora ran a red light and hit Strebel and Jasper at 28th Street and Washington Boulevard in Ogden. Mora was knocked unconscious, but his passenger, Andrew Gomez attempted to flee the scene but police caught him a short distance down the road.

Investigators believe Mora was under the influence of alcohol or drugs that may have contributed to the crash and his refusal to yield to the officers signal to pull over.

We offer our prayers to the family and friends of Derek Jesper and Blake Strebel. Mora’s many bad decisions constituted the state’s need to try him as an adult. His irresponsibility cost the lives of 2 other young men, something worthy of severe punishment.

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