Semi Truck Accident Injures Two in Box Elder County

Usually it is a semi truck hitting another car that makes the news. Today, however, it was semi versus semi in a big rig accident in Box Elder County, Utah. According to KSL News, semi driver Bobby Dodd, 44 of Tremonton, Utah, was driving a semi west bound on I-84 near mile marker 34 in Box Elder Canyon when he failed to keep a proper look out and smashed into the rear of another tractor trailer truck. Dodd was injured and life flighted to Ogden Regional Hospital. The other driver, John Forbush, was also injured and was transported by ambulance to Bear River Valley Hospital.

Troopers investigating this semi versus semi crash are saying that truck driver Dodd was either distracted or didn’t appreciate the difference in the speeds between the two trucks.

Ordinarily, this would be a simple rear-ender crash. However, when the vehicles involved multi-ton big rigs, this type of accident become much more menacing. Professional drivers are not supposed to rear end other vehicles. Because of their significant weight, serious injures can and do result when truck drivers fail to watch where they are going and run into other vehicles, including other semi trucks.

I would urge the injured truck driver not to treat this a simple rear ender he might experience if he was hit by a passenger car. Trucking cases are much more involved and the resulting injuries can often last a lifetime. Federal trucking regulations are involved in such cases and the question of whether the at-fault driver had gotten enough sleep and filled out his log book correctly are always at issue. I would recommend the injured party to contact an experienced Utah truck accident attorney regarding the remedies available to him.

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