Sandy Car Accident Results from Sudden Lane Change

Seven car accidents the evening of October 19, 2010 in Sandy, Utah, are being blamed on a motorist who suddenly decided to exit the freeway.


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According to KSL News, a motorist, at the last minute, attempted to change lanes to exit at 9000 South. According to reports, this motorist got cut off, which caused him to rear end another car. This turned into a much bigger problem when five other vehicles got involved. One of the cars was damage so severely that law enforcement had to use the jaws of life to get her out. She was reported to be in serious condition and was taken to an area hospital. Four other people were taken to the hospital with injuries reported to be minor.

First, my best wishes to those who were injured in this car accident. From the sound of it, it appears that the motorist who set the chain of events in motion, was the cause of it all. I hope he or she has good insurance, because that one policy will have to take care of all the property damage claims as well as bodily injury claims that develop. If there’s not enough insurance, the motorists with property damage claims will have to go through their own insurance, assuming they have full coverage available.

I would recommend that those involved in this crash contact a Salt Lake City accident and injury attorney to find out what remedies they may have available.

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