Sandy Accident Hospitalizes Two People

A car accident occurring in Sandy, Utah on Sunday, May 17th has sent two people to the hospital. Highland police say a black Pontiac ran a red light at 8100 South and Highland Drive and slammed into an SUV. Emergency crews were forced to cut open the car to take out the passenger.

Highland Drive was shut down for a short time as medical helicopters came to life-flight the victims to a nearby hospital. There is no word on the condition or identities of those involved.

Obviously, stopping for a red light is a basic rule of the road that motorists expect others to obey. When you violate such a basic rule that is designed to safeguard the driving public, serious injury and sometimes death results. Our thoughts go out to the victims of those involved in this preventable Utah car accident.

From the sound of this story, the driver who ran the light was probably distracted. Driving while distracted is against the law in Utah and if the distracted causes a crash, he or she will be cited for distracted driving along with running a red light and negligent collision (with injuries). The victims of this car accident have recourse against the at-fault driver or his insurance company. I would recommend that they contact an experienced accident and injury lawyer in Utah for assistance in getting a legal remedy for what happened.

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