Salt Lake Pedestrian Accident in Same Area Where Girl Was Killed

Another Salt Lake City pedestrian accident happened right where 6 year-old Ambrosia Amalatitoda and her mother, Natalie Randall, were hit by a Utah motorist last week. Ambrosia sadly died from her injuries just a day or so later, while Natalie is still said to be in critical condition following a recent surgery. According to KSL News, this Salt Lake pedestrian accident happened this morning, March 18, 2012, as a 20 year-old was crossing the street at 1491 S. State St. around 2 a.m. in the morning. An SUV driven by an intoxicated male hit the male in the crosswalk, causing major injuries that he is expected to recover from.


There is still no signal at this Salt Lake intersection, but a plan is in place to install one in the coming months. As for the 46 year-old woman that struck Ambrosia and her mother, she has still not been charged and city attorneys are still completing their investigation.

I offer my best wishes for a full and complete recovery to those that have been recently injured at this intersection.

Although motorists certainly have the obligation to give the right away to pedestrians in the crosswalk, unfortunately, because of distraction, text messaging, or otherwise, they fail to pay attention and pedestrian accidents happen. While the person driving has the greater responsibility since they are driving the means of sending someone out of this life, the pedestrians, in an era of unprecedented driver distraction, need to keep an eye on those who drive while distracted so they don’t end up becoming another statistic.

As a Salt Lake City wrongful death attorney, I think it’s high time Salt Lake City installs a traffic signal here, at least one that pedestrians and school children can activate so that they can safely cross this busy road.

As for legal claims the pedestrian accident victims have against the careless drivers at this intersection, certainly all those hurt have a claim against these motorist as well as on their own auto under-insured policy (if applicable). I would recommend that they contact a Utah injury attorney to make sure they get the full remedy they may be entitled to.

I also wonder though about a possible claim against Salt Lake City for their role in this crash. If they are planning to install a signal here, it’s probably because of the frequency of injuries that have occurred at this crosswalk. If this is the case, then I wonder if a signal, especially one that would keep school children and other pedestrians safer, shouldn’t have been installed much sooner. Claims against Salt Lake City, however, have to be made no later than a year after the pedestrian accident happened and would be initiated by filing a “Notice of Claim” with the city and possibly the Utah Dept. of Transportation.

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