Salt Lake City Police Say Texting and Alcohol May Have Caused Crash

Luckily, no one beside the person suspected of drinking and texting was injured in a car accident today, August 14, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to KSL News, a woman who witnesses believed was texting, was weaving in and out of traffic and driving erratically for many blocks. At one point, she was close to hitting several parked cars and then did just that: she hit a parked car.

Photos show crushed cans of beer in the cabin of her vehicle. Police have seized her cell phone and will be checking her text messaging history to see if she was really texting and driving. Officials say that this might be the first crash that they will prosecute under Utah’s new no-texting law passed this past May.

I actually represented a man who was seriously injured by a woman who admitted that she had been texting while driving. KSL actually reported on this story back in July 2008. The woman in our case actually confessed to police that because she was texting while driving, she was distracted to the point that she ran a red light and hit my client and a nearby pedestrian. See story here. We have since settled his case with the at-fault driver. From a lawyer’s perspective, texting-while-driving creates what we call “aggravated liability.” In other words, the at-fault driver will be seen as more culpable because of their decision to engage in an extremely distracting activity while driving. These cases always settle at a higher value because of this fact.

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