Salt Lake City Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

Two people were seriously injured in a DUI, drunk driving accident in Salt Lake City, Utah, after a motorist, who was driving at more than twice the legal limit, ran into a pedestrian and a bicyclist early Monday morning, March 21, 2011. According to KSL News, a motorist with a blood alcohol content of .179, driving a Jeep Cherokee, left the road and hit both the pedestrian and bike rider. The “allegedly” drunk driver, Boyd Kenneth Petrie, was booked into jail and charged with two felony counts of DUI causing serious injury, as well as driving on a suspended license. I wonder why his license was suspended?

I send my best wishes to these two innocent victims. According to the story, one of the victims is said to be in “extremely critical” condition. These two definitely need our prayers as they battle to overcome these serious injuries.

Legally speaking, the victims of this random DUI Salt Lake accident have a claim against the driver. Of course they do. But I wonder if he had insurance, having a suspended license and all. Insurance companies don’t usually like to keep customers around that have this type of driving record. I suspect in this case that the victims will need to make claims through their own auto insurance policies, assuming they have one or live in a household where they would legally be on someone else’s policy. I would recommend that they or their family contact an experienced Salt Lake City accident attorney to find out what remedies may be available. The best attorneys will offer a free consultation which may be enough to guide these two in the right direction on making a legal claim.

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