Provo Personal Injury Attorney Offers Free Accident Book

If you’ve been involved in a Provo, Utah, auto accident, remember that insurance companies have one goal: to keep their money. Personal injury attorney Ron Kramer has seen far to many people fall victim to the tricks of those big insurance companies. To combat this trend, he authored a book called The Utah Accident Book that teaches the 13 mistakes that can kill your accident case. Ron is offering the book, free of charge, to all those who call to request it.

The Utah Accident Book contains valuable information for anyone who has been involved in a Provo auto accident, even those who don’t need an attorney. Ron includes a chapter that will help you decide whether or not you will need to get a lawyer involved. He also includes a chapter that will help you negotiate higher value for the property damage on your vehicle.

Ron has been practicing personal injury law since he graduated from law school and has seen all the tricks and tactics used by insurance companies. This book will help obtain the settlement you deserve.

Ron Kramer is a Utah personal injury and accident lawyer practicing throughout the state. Call the Kramer Law Group today at 801-666-3959 for a free consultation if you are in need of a Utah car accident attorney.