Prosecuting Attorney Charges Salt Lake Man Following Fatal Accident

Prosecuting attorneys have charged a Holladay man with automobile homicide for striking Larry Madison, 64 years-old, as he was jogging early in the morning on March 7, 2013. According to KSL News, Madison was jogging on 1100 East near 3850 South in the early morning when driver Ashton Lee Godfrey, 20 years old, who was driving with controlled substances in his system, struck him. According to police, the driver had a number of controlled substances in his system as well as a firearm in his vehicle. Video surveillance shows that the driver swerved across traffic lanes before colliding with Madison, who was walking on the side of the road.

I’m glad that this man is being prosecuted. Obviously, it’s illegal to drive while impaired, either from illegal substances or even from being sleep deprived. His prosecution will hopefully send a message to those who might be thinking about driving while impaired that their actions could lead to serious consequences, including their incarceration. I should point out that Mr. Madison’s family (spouse, children and parents) have a claim against any property or insurance that this driver may have had as well as against the “under-insured” policy that their late father and husband had.

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