Pedestrian is Fatally Wounded While on a Sidewalk in Provo

49 year-old Madeline Charrington of Provo, Utah was hit by a Ford Truck while on the corner of a sidewalk Monday, March 05, 2012. KSL News reported that Charrington was standing on the corner of 900 West and Center Street with three other friends when a pick-up truck smashed into her. The accident occurred when the truck attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of a Grand Cherokee Jeep that was traveling west on Center Street. The Jeep t-boned the truck and sent it towards the sidewalk that was occupied by these three individuals. The three friends were able to move and avoid injury while Charrington was fatally wounded by the truck. After paramedics performed CPR, she was rushed to the Utah Valley Medical Hospital where her injuries eventually took her life. The drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital as well with unknown injuries.

I offer my deep condolences to the family and friends of Madeline.

An accident like this is deeply heart wrenching. Often times drivers are in too much of a hurry and don’t realize the potential threat they are to those around them. Many drivers also misjudge the distance and speed of oncoming vehicles when making a left-hand turn. It is always best to be sure of a turn before taking it. It is especially hard when a vulnerable pedestrian is involved in a vehicle accident.

I would recommend that the family of Madeline consult with a Utah wrongful death attorney to find out what legal remedies may be available. In this case, it sounds like the driver of the truck failed to yield to oncoming traffic, putting the fatal chain of events into play. A claim should be made against this person’s insurance company. Additional coverage may come from the victim’s personal or household auto insurance policy.

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