One Man Dies in Auto Accident in Carbon County

The Salt Lake Tribune reports at about 12:30 am, a GMC Sierra headed eastbound crossed the center line of a curved road on State Road 6 and collided with a Lexus head-on. The Utah car accident took place at on Wednesday, June 24th.

Evidence from the accident suggests that neither car attempted to swerve or move out of the way. The passenger in the Lexus, 63- year- old Robert Jackson Sr. of Hazel Park, Utah was pronounced dead at the scene. His son, the driver, suffered critical injuries to his head and legs and is being treated at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

The driver of the GMC Sierra was also taken to Utah Valley. Police believe that fatigue may have been a factor. The case will be screened with the District Attorneys office for possible charges.

This is a tragic case. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this type of crash has happened on this road. The road has gotten safer in recent years, yet it still remains a danger because of aggressive driving by motorists who seem to be in a hurry to get to where they’re going. Obviously, a motorist is required to stay in their lane of travel when approaching another vehicle. It would seem that the driver of the pickup is completely to blame for what happened and for Mr. Jackson’s death. His family now has a wrongful death claim against the pickup driver and/or their own insurance company for “underinsured” benefits (assuming the pickup driver had insurance). The case should also be closely investigated to make sure that the area where the crash happened didn’t have a defective road condition that contributed to this deadly crash. I would recommend that they talk to a Utah wrongful death attorney experienced in this area of law.

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