Ogden and Clinton Residents Lose Lives in High-Speed Crash

Nathan Imes, 28 of Ogden, Utah and Andrea Kaiser, 25 of Clinton, Utah, lost their lives in a fatal, high-speed auto crash. According to KSL News, the two were traveling westbound  at high speeds in a Volkswagen Jetta on I-84. A UHP Trooper clocked the two going 118 miles per hour and gave  pursuit. He quickly lost sight of them, though, due to their high speed. Up ahead, however, he caught up to them after the driver of the Jetta apparently lost control while going around a corner, where the car struck a wall and a guard rail and then rolled, ejecting both Imes and Kaiser from the car. Investigators say that none of them were wearing seat belts.

I offer my sincere condolences to the families of these two crash victims.

Speed obviously kills. So does not wearing a seat belt (although it may not have helped in this case). It is unknown why the two were traveling so fast. The story doesn’t say that street racing was involved and doesn’t mention whether drugs or alcohol were involved. The whole sad incident seems senseless.

The passenger’s family in this case most likely have a claim against the driver’s insurance and possibly their own “under-insured” insurance coverage. The basic PIP (personal injury protection) policy for the two of them should cover at least $1,500 for funeral expenses. Utah wrongful death claims have a shorter statute of limitations of only two years.

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