NY Woman Steals $43,300 in Workers’ Compenation Benefits Sentenced

According to the Times Union, a paper in New York, a woman who faked a serious neck injury to steal $43,300 in workers compensation benefits was sentenced on Thursday, June 23rd. Kelly Woods claimed she suffered a neck injury in a workplace accident at a construction company in Colonie. She claimed she had permanent fixed torticollis, which is described as permanent flexion of the head at a 90-degree angle.

Ms. Woods was caught in the scam after being video taped moving her head and neck freely the article stated. When she learned of the charges against her, she fled to Utah. Once she was extradited from Utah, she plead guilty to third-degree insurance fraud. According to the article which cited District Attorney David Soares’s release, Ms. Woods was sentenced to one to three years for faking her injury as well as waiving future claims to benefits.

I’m glad that Ms. Woods was brought to justice in this matter. It was unjust of her to lie about her condition and defraud not only the company she claimed to work for, but Workers Compensation and the labor board out of money. Her actions may make it more difficult for those who are actually injured on the job to receive Workers Compensation benefits. I believe that the sentence she was given was just and fair. Since she can no longer claim benefits, it has freed up money for others.

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