No Case for Man Rear Ended by Police Officer

In most rear-ender cases that we look at, the person doing the rear-ending is almost always the negligent party. They’re the one who should have seen the car in front of them at a stop or stopping and took evasive action to stop before colliding with them. Occasionally, we see cases where someone cuts someone else off, causing a rear end collision to happen. We have also seen cases where the person in front puts their car into reverse and backs into our client. (These cases can be tough.) What happened on April 28, 2021, is a new fact scenario that I’ve never seen where a Utah County Sheriff’s Officer rear-ended a passing motorist but was not to blame.

Unless the officer’s dash cam was on, you may not have believed that it was the other motorist’s fault for causing the crash. But video doesn’t lie and after looking at the video, I would have to tell the driver who was rear ended that he has no case after being rear-ended by the sheriff’s officer.

Take a look at the video in the officer’s Tweet for yourself and tell me if you disagree.

Ron Kramer is a car accident lawyer practicing in West Jordan, Ogden and throughout Utah.