Nevada Woman Dead Following Single Car Rollover Near Gunlock, UT

Addie Bowler Clove, 59 years old of Henderson, NV, is dead following a rollover collision on October 25, 2010. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, this accident happened near the city of Gunlock, Utah, in the southwest of Utah, around 9:30 in the evening. According to report from the Washington County sheriff’s office, someone beside Ms. Clove was driving when the driver swerved suddenly to avoid a dog in the road. The vehicle apparently rolled and Ms. Clove and another were ejected from the car. Two other passengers, Brent Barlow, 33 and Heidi Barlow, 30, were said to be in fair condition the day after the crash. These two were taken to Dixie Valley Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah.

I send my sincere condolences to the family that lost Addie Clove in this freak one-vehicle car accident. I send my best wishes to the others who were injured in this crash.

When sudden emergencies present themselves, it is difficult to know the best course or maneuver to take to avoid or minimize the consequences of the hazzard. Obviously, one of the best things to do would have been to brake and strike the animal. Such a recommend maneuver is obviously easy to suggest in hindsight.

Legally speaking, those injured and who perished in this crash would have a claim against the driver of the vehicle, or that person’s insurance company. If they themselves had insurance, then they could make an additional under-insured motorist claim. I believe such a claim could be made even if the parties felt the driver did everything possible to safely react to the hazard (the dog) in the road.

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