Motorcyclist Dragged 50 Feet in Midvale Accident

A motorcycle driver was wedged under a pickup truck on Midvale’s Center Street at about 7720 South and 175 West at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May, 20. The motorcycle driver was going the speed limit when an oncoming pickup truck didn’t see him and made a left turn right in front of him. He could not avoid the accident so he attempted to lay down the bike to minimize the crash.

The motorcycle rider, 52-year-old Robert Horn was wedged under the truck and dragged 40 to 50 feet reports KSL News. He sustained chest and head injuries but police officers say that the helmet he was wearing saved his life. Horn was taken to an Intermountain Medical Center in critical condition. His condition has since been upgraded to serious condition.

The driver of the pickup will likely be cited for failure to yield. He was not injured in the Utah motorcycle accident.

My take on this is that the driver of a motor vehicle has the obligation to keep an eye out for other traffic and to not turn left unless it can be done so safely. He really has no excuse in this case. As such, Mr. Horn has a claim against the driver and/or his insurance as well as a possible claim for under-insured coverage under his own insurance policy. Best wishes to Mr. Horn for a speedy recovery.

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