Motorcyclist Dies in Utah Motorcycle Crash in Garfield County

48 year old, Robert W. Adkins was driving on a Harley-Davidson Super Glide east on State Road 12 on June 23, when a westbound Honda Accord started to turn left about one-half mile from Highway 89. Adkins attempted to slow down as the Honda Accord pulled out in front of him but unfortunately could not avoid the collision. His bike tipped onto the side and hit the right rear passenger door. He was rushed to Garfield Memorial Hospital where he died.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Adkins had just finished his master’s degree from Southern Utah University and recently started a job as a counselor. I wish my condolences to the Adkins family as they grieve this loss.

Drivers making left hand turns have the duty under Utah law to yield to other vehicles, including motorcycles. If they don’t and someone is injured or killed, then they are responsible for all the harms and losses that follow. In this case, it appears that the driver of the Honda failed to yield to Mr. Adkins and the crash resulted. His “wrongful death heirs,” which would include his children, his wife (if married) and his parents (if alive), therefore have a claim against this driver.

I would recommend that his family contact an experienced Utah wrongful death lawyer to advise them of their legal options and remedies.

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